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The one fashion trend I will NOT be wearing this season

Okay, maybe you’re one of those slim-legged women who can sport a pair of faux leather leggings with a top and heels—and look fabulous. But I am not. No, you won’t be catching me in a pair of those trendy leggings (available in everything from that faux leather and leopard print to denim)—that are now being sold in every store you dare to enter. And to be perfectly frank, I’m not sure that this style will flatter many women at all. (My executive style director disagrees with me, I’m sure.) But this brings me to my point: just because something is on trend, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Stick to what works best for you—and your body (and if leggings it is, then kudos to you!); you’ll find some more wearable styles in Shape every month. For me, regular old trousers work best.

One daily change: Save your money by sticking to the classics; they’ll probably flatter you more—and will last into next season. Then splurge on a few key pieces that are trendy (check out our Get the Look For Less every month for budget-friendly pieces that are cool and wearable).


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