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THIS is one heck of a good reason to stay healthy

If I ever needed a reason to really take care of my body, tonight’s experience was it. I have a horrible head cold and can barely breathe (probably a result of going up and back to LA in two days—and getting little sleep in the process!). When my 5-year-old son asked why I was talking funny, I told him it was because “I could barely breathe”. He started to cry. When I asked him why he was crying, he told me that he really “wanted me to be able to breathe.” I got to tell you, in that one instant, I had this incredible realization that as a mom, I have a huge responsibility to my kids to take care of my body to be there for them. It’s not just about me…not that I ever really thought it was. But this really hit it home for me. It makes me want to be even MORE diligent about my healthy habits—and scheduling important tests like my mammogram (which I’m due for this month!)


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