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One-legged biking?

Last night I went to happy hour with some Shape friends and editors with our brother publication, Men's Fitness. It's fun to get know your coworkers out of the office and we were able to kick back and talk about non-work-related stuff for once. However, some things I'm doing with Shape tend to extend further than the hours I'm putting in at the office, like training for the triathlon (which has turned into a professional goal as well). Sean Hyson, the fitness editor at Men's Fitness, gave me an interesting tip from an article he wrote about training for a triathlon: in order to build my legs muscles so they don't tire out before the run, which comes after the 25-mile bike ride, I should learn to pedal in circles using only one foot while letting the other one hang. If I want to give each leg a rest from time to time, I need to strengthen them separately so they can pedal alone at an even pace. Although I may get some strange looks at the gym today, I'm definitely going to try this.


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