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An outdoor cardio blast anyone can do

For as long as I can remember, I've been focused on using machines to get fit: cardio machines like the elliptical and ab, cable, strength name it, I've used it. But recently, I've taken my workouts outdoors (my early morning runs, my walks to and from the train station) and I'm happier while exercising than ever. This past Saturday, I went running around 6:30 am: the weather was cool, there weren't many people around, and I could hear myself think! (I refuse to listen to my iPod while I'm outdoors...that tunes out the environment to the point where I might as well be inside on the treadmill!) But this time, I was inspired by an outdoor exercise piece--in our new August issue--from advisory board member, Lorrie Sullenberger (fitness expert and wife of Sully, the famous USAir pilot). In the piece, she challenges women to use the great outdoors as a gym. That's exactly what I did this past Saturday: I did chair dips on the park benches, push-ups off the giant rocks, and high-step intervals before and after my run. It was hands down one of my best workouts ever.

One daily change: Change up your routine so you get outdoors at least once a week. Whether you walk, bike, or run, you'll find yourself reinvigorated--and may even find yourself wanting to do it more often!


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