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Overwhelmed College Weight Loss Challenge first blog post. I was a little skeptical about this but then again, what do I have to lose? Oh yeah, a LOT of extra weight. I could stand to lose a good 50 lbs but my goal right now is 33 and then we'll see from there.

A little background information, I'm 20, a sophomore in college at The University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!), an interior design student and I love sports. What never made sense to me is for someone who loves sports and doesn't mind being active why do I still look like this? Even when I was in high school and playing sports all 4 seasons of the year and having at least 2 horus of practice a day i STILL looked like this. I know this much, I will  never be a size 2, not that I want to be either. I could lose every ounce of fat on my body but a size 2 is just not in the cards for me, I'm just built bigger than that, and that's okay.  I'm aiming for a size 6-8. Wow how great would life be? I think to myself. Hopefully this weight loss comes a little easier for me this time than it has before, it's been a constant struggle.

Actually, I was recently inspired by my mother's 30 lb weight loss, she looks great, and I'm slightly jealous. Mostly I'm jealous because when my mother was my age she looked great. In highschool she was tiny, probably the size of my thigh, but growing up I was never like that. And I wonder to myself if my mother would've stayed that size would I have been smaller too? Doesn't it make sense? My mother was getting larger because she wasn't making healthy food and our lifestyle wasn't the most active. Ane I was eating the food she made and living the same lifestyle. Not that I'm blaming my mother but I'm just pointing out that now I'm on my own, and I get to choose what I eat and how I live my lifestyle.

My life right now is simply not conducive to eating healthy/working out. I'm in classes 17-19 hours a week and on top of that I'm in studio classes which require an enormous amount of outside work. I currently work 14.5 hours in 5 days a week between the hours of 10:30am and 5 pm. That's pretty much like taking 32-34 hours a week; more than twice what most college students are doing. I also forgot to mention that all of my classes start at either 8 or 8:30 am, which means no time to sleep in. I'm truly struggling with finding time to eat breakfast in the morning, a healthy lunch in the afternoon, wanting to binge and eat everything in sight at night, and finding time to exercise. I would greatly appreciate any help/advice I could get.  I just want to be healthy again and doing it in college is so hard.


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