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Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Guys in Your Life


The holidays are some of the best times of the year. Of course, with the holidays comes gift-giving.  For men, gift-giving is pretty easy; all they have to do to not screw up is buy a conservative and elegant piece of jewelry. Pro-tip: Men, if you have to ask yourself, "I wonder if she will wear this?" the answer is no, she probably won't. Women, your task is harder. Generally speaking, men don't wear jewelry (and if they do, find another one).This year, I've decided to consult with my good friend Eric. He's a young investment banker in Manhattan who also happens to be my neighbor, and he's got a unique sense of appreciation for the quality and individuality that comes along with making a new purchase. I've never seen someone spend so much time researching the best way to spend his money — that goes for anything, no matter how big or small the purchase.

I admire this "quality vs. quantity attitude" that he is blessed with, so I've asked Eric to put together a list of some of the best gifts that he has both given and received so we can hear straight from the horse's mouth what men really want this year. He's also provided some links to places that are great year-round for ideas and guidance. If you don't end up buying one of the following items for the father, brother, uncle, husband or lover in your life, our hope is that you will at least be inspired to think about the meaning behind the gift you're giving: What purpose will it serve? What feeling will it communicate? Are you supporting a small business? Helping the environment? Creating memories that will last a lifetime?

Good luck and happy shopping!

Click here to see Eric's holiday gift recommendations for the guys in your life.

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