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Pilates Olympics!

Pilates Style Magazine and Pilates on fifth studio in NYC partnered for a fabulous event.

It was the Pilates Olympics and took place in NYC.  I was asked to be a judge along with some of my esteemed colleagues and a few instructors I did not know.  All the proceeds went to Pilates in the Schools.  What a blast!  One does not think of Pilates being particularly competitive since it is such an individual practice.  We all came together for a great cause!  the participants were enthusiastic and talented and although we all came from different schools  of thought, our hearts and bodies were in the right place. We placed the competitors into groups determined by their Pilates experience. We based our judgement on flexibility, strength, coordination, and control.

There were lots of winners and no one felt left out.

The spirit of the event was very special and i was inspired to host the second annual Pilates Olympics at my studio in Los Angeles.  Hopefully we will make some head way to getting Pilates into our school system and have a ball trying.


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