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Pilates while you travel

I haven't checked in for a while!  I was the traveling Pilates teacher for a stretch of time.  I was teaching in Barcelona, Spain for a week.  I was wonderful and I just returned from Maui, Hawaii.  I was working with the guests at the Four Seasons Resort.  The process someone goes through while practicing Pilates correctly is amazing to watch.  The first thing  I always hear is that they have  never felt their tummy  so much the next day!!  That is music to my ears because it know it is all going to work for them.  I am very inspired by people all over the world.  Every body is different, so it is a learning  experience to see what works best for each person to get them motivated to go a little deeper in the muscles and powerhouse with each movement..  Just because you are traveling doesn't mean you should give up your workout routine or find a new one!


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