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A Place That Inspires Me


I read a piece in a magazine a few months ago that I loved. It was a collection of places that inspired various people and meaning behind them. I think this is something we can all relate to whether it's in your car during a long drive, a beautiful country far away or the world just as it is right in front of you—the woods, a back porch overlooking the beach, an apartment, the subway, the shower, inspiration can come from all different places in life.

For me, the place that inspires me is close to home. It's a short walk from the front door of my apartment, Turtle Pond and Belvedere Castle in Central Park. I love this little spot of freedom. On a sunny day you can find people from all over the world walking, running, biking, or skating through this area of the park. I love laying the quilt my grandmother made me many years ago down in the green grass and relaxing on a weekend afternoon or picnicing for dinner on week nights. It's a place I go to think, to socialize, to soak up the sun, or sometimes just be still with nature.

In addition to sharing one of the places on earth that inspires me most, I'd like to hear about the place that inspire you. Whether this place makes you feel safe and away from the worries of the world, it's a place of calm and peace where you do your best thinking, it's an environment you've built to share with loved ones, or it's an inspiring place that provides hopeful visions for the future, I'd like to hear.

I believe sharing stories is the best way to learn from one another and is one of life's simplest pleasures. Please post a comment below about the place that inspires you most and why it inspires you for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog.

Signing Off Eagerly Awaiting Your Response,


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