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Planning a much-needed vacation

After working so hard to train for my triathlon, I'm feeling the need for a an exotic isle or fabulous getaway. I'm in an I-deserve-it mood--and that's something we preach a lot at Shape: treat yourself. Working at Shape helps to fuel my vacation desires: throughout the day I always receive press releases about checking out resorts on tropical islands or visiting new lodges in mountainous regions--so these amazing vacations are always forefront on my mind. While the idea of surfing in the Caribbean is alluring, I know Dino has his heart set on Colorado. I took my first trip there (Vail) for work and one of the great things about my job is that hiking during the day, spa treatments every afternoon, and yummy (healthy) dinners at night are part of my job! Colorado was never a state on the list of places I had ever wanted to visit, but I when I got there and spent some time getting to know what the people were like (everyone's so fit and athletic), I realized how cool a place it is. Colorado in June and July is hot and gorgeous and the mountains at the Lodge at Vail offer as many outdoor activities as you can do in the wintertime--who knew? I'm not sure where I'll be going this winter; see some of my choices below.


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