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posture exercise

Good Posture enhances the way  you look, feel,  and can definitely fuel your energy level.  For  the best posture in general, you want your shoulders relaxed and down,  chest lifted but ribs in,  tummy in and pulled up to lengthen the waist, and lower back supported by the abdominal area.  The weight of your new lengthened torso should be more  on the balls of the feet.  Really the key to all this is strengthening  your center or in Pilates we call it your powerhouse.  This is the area below your chest to your hip area or lower abdominal's, around to and including your buttocks.

 You are facing away from  the wall  with your feet about  6 to 8 inches from the wall.  Legs are parallel and straight down from  the hips.  Arms are relaxed by the side.  Lean your back into the wall and from your buttocks to your neck you want to try and organize your spine so  every vertebrae is in contact with the wall behind you.  Don't tuck your hips forward to accomplish this.  Try to lengthen your spine, pull you tummy in and up.  Put your hands on your rib cage take a deep breath in and as you exhale let the ribs sink back into your middle spine. Open your chest and try to get the back of your shoulders to connect to the wall also.  Not so easy!!
Gently just drop your head forward and let the weight of you head roll your spin down, like you are peeling a strip of sticky taffy off the wall.  Keep your lower back on the wall!   To roll up reverse the action but let your  tummy activate this movement.  Repeat this four or five times .  Make sure you are scooping your tummy as much as you can when you roll up and keep it lifted when you roll down. You will improve you posture, stretch your spine, and strengthen your powerhouse.


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