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The power of an amazing workout!

I'm back on track—thanks to the comments and suggestions from all of you!

I've done power morning Spinning workouts (each 40 minutes) for the past two mornings...I was singing right along to the music (quite a sight if you can imagine; my favorite sing-out-loud song being Right Round by Flo Rida). But, it's still amazing to me that when you get your adrenaline pumping, you get on this amazing high—that keeps you feeling good all day long. So why are we so quick to skip workouts when we're stressed??? This is the FIRST thing we should be doing! It's a drug with only positive side effects!

For those of you in the NYC area, join Shape at SpinOdyssey, a Spinning fundraising marathon to raise money for breast cancer (I'm training so I do well; could you imagine if the Editor in Chief of Shape conked out half way through!! Would not be pretty!) Click on to find out more about this incredible event!

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