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The Power of Snail Mail


"Chips without dip.

Pretzels without beer.

Macaroni without cheese.

Bagel without cream cheese.

Mashed potatoes without gravy.

Me without you.

Not only do I miss you, but now I'm really hungry."

My twin sister is my heartbeat. The words above were taken from a card that I received recently in the mail from Rachel. We live many miles apart so frequent mailings, email, text, Skpe and phone conversations are essential. But getting the snail mail is what I love best about any long-distance relationship. 

To open the mailbox and see a handwritten envelope addressed to me makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face. In the coming months, I'll be sharing more stories from my mailbox and the relationships behind them.

Who's the last person you received mail from and what was the reason? Here's to bringing it back to the basics. A handwritten note makes things more personal and shows that you really care. In a busy world where email is so much easier, try taking the time to send a note to someone you are close to "just because" and see how it makes you both feel to give and to receive.

Signing Off Going to Check the Mail,

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