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Praise for Pizza!

If there were a universally recognized official “College Food” (and unofficial enemy of diets), it would be pizza, hands down. Most of my night-studying friends tend to call for pizza to cure the midnight munchies but because most pizza is really greasy, often loaded with pepperoni, three cheese blends, and the occasional barbecue sauce, I’d actually sworn off pizza—and I really missed it. But earlier this year, one of my friends introduced me to this amazing thin-crust Hawaiian pizza from a chain called Donato’s. The taste is luxurious—topped with a little tomato sauce, provolone cheese, ham, pineapple, slivered almonds, and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. It satisfies all my sweet and salty cravings and you can eat a quarter of a large pizza for 588 calories and, unlike most pizzas, the protein content is quite high.

Pizza is always available in college so if you like it, rather than trying to avoid it altogether, try thin-crust and find a flavor, like Hawaiian, that satisfies your senses as well as your stomach, so you don’t gobble it down in a hurry. Also, try to find pizza that’s cut into smaller slices (or do it yourself) because controlling the portion helps you be aware of how much you’re eating. Get more tips to eat pizza and lose weight.

How do you make pizza or other easy college snacks healthier? Do you keep them out of your diet altogether, find that you go all out when they’re available, or find balanced ways to indulge from time to time?

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PS. I ordered Donato’s with my boyfriend last night, and they gave me a free large with my order! Cold Hawaiian pizza is now calling to me from my fridge… and I’m finding that if I grab one small strip in the late afternoon when my stomach starts to grumble, I’m totally satisfied!


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