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Preparing for the New Year..

New Year’s is right around the corner, I just can’t believe it’s almost January 2010. For as long as I can remember I’ve made resolutions about losing a few pounds, working out more, and eating right (same things many girls my age and older try to do)—but these were all things I wanted to do on a daily basis. January 1st just always seemed like the right time to put bad habits to rest and start fresh with new ones. I wonder just how many people right now are telling themselves that this will be the year that they get back into shape or go on a diet. But as we all know, many New Year’s resolutions likely don’t last past week three—there’s just something enticing about the New Year and new beginnings to make some changes in your life. This year, when it comes to the number on the scale, don’t set rigid goals. Look forward to a year of turning old habits, into new ones—like getting up 20 minutes earlier to squeeze in a fitness DVD. Last year I told myself I would give up artificial sweeteners. About a week into this (seriously it lasted a week) I just couldn’t do without sugar in my morning coffee. So I took this resolution back and decided to cut back on the amount I use per day—whether this was having just one coffee a day and a tea with honey in the evening, or just one packet in my two coffees every day. I found that by shifting my “get healthy” focus to something I was more likely to follow, I’d actually do it. Instead of going to such extremes to change something in your diet or exercise, do it little by little.

This year, I’m trying to get myself in shape, financially. Times are still tough, so instead of pouting and waiting until things get better, I’m going to make small changes that’ll help me build a nest egg. I’ll make coffee every day and bring lunch to the office too (I’ve been doing this for about a month now and it’s going pretty well)—surprisingly a small thing like this can save you almost $200 a month! I’m also going to cut back on expensive dinners out, but if I must (I can’t just miss my best friend’s birthday party!) then I’ll eat a healthy snack before I go and pick an appetizer instead of an entrée—one, or the other, not both. Not only will I be saving myself a few dollars but I’ll be cutting back on calories too. My coworker told me about a cool website,, that tracks all your ingoing and outgoing expenses—every penny you spend Mint will know about (don’t worry, you sent up preferences so the website knows where your money is coming from). This way I’ll be warned (really, I’ll get an email notification) if I’m going to go over-budget for the month.

In 2010 I’m looking forward to a lot of things: my second triathlon as a mentor for Team in Training (which means I’ll be coaching and leading my own small group!), doing charity work for an organization that helps young girls become writers, and my one year anniversary with Dino! Since I won’t be writing again until after the New Year, I hope you enjoy your holidays and stay positive for 2010!














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