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Pretty Up Your Closet


The New Year thing never really gets old and if you can use it to get through the entire month of January, then I say do it. As you can see from some of my prior posts on blueprinting and 6 Things To Stop Doing To Myself, it's clear that I use this bitterly cold and grey time of year to my advantage. Another fun project I worked on over the holidays was a closet makeover. Inspired by a male friend who seemed to have his folded and hanging fashion in more order than any woman's closet I've ever seen, I decided to pretty up my closet in hopes of bringing yet another joyful thing to my daily routine. 

Over the past year I've been in a full time job where I've had the luxury of working from home. Because of that lifestyle, I admit that my wardrobe took a back seat. Lulu Lemon and other manufacturers of comfy-styled clothing earned the frequent swipe of my American Express card instead. I recently took a new job (which, by the way, I love) and I'm back into an office setting (another subject we'll discuss in the near future), which has forced me to take a look at what is behind my closet doors.

In similar fashion to the well-known scene from Sex and the City the movie where Carrie has the girls over to dress up in the contents of her closet to assist her with deciding what to toss, I hosted a "Take or Toss" party with my friend Christine. After narrowing down things a bit and painfully parting with many of my "I'm-sure-I'll-wear-this-one-day” articles of clothing I felt refreshed. It's a real sense of renewal opening your closet doors knowing that everything hiding behind them is something you would put on with pride.

The only thing missing after the closet purging  was the aesthetics. All of my hangers are mismatched, some white, some black and some those cheap wiry ones from the dry cleaner. A few still had the plastic and paper adhered to them. Ugh! What was I going to do?  Time for hanger shopping, of course.

After making a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and discovering Real Simple's new "Solutions" collection, I traipsed home with 150 pretty blue hangers via the Manhattan bus (gotta love New York, especially when running these types of errands). The picture above is the finished product. Now I'm pleased-as-punch* every time I open my closet and see matching hangers and articles of clothing lined up by style and a little color-coding. It makes getting ready in the morning a cinch. If you like what you see, you can buy the same hangers in black, stone or blue (like mine) at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Don't forget to use your 20% off coupon! (I find that most people don't realize you can combine coupons, so when buying three 50-packs of hangers I was able to apply 20% off on each one of them—I just had to have three coupons).

Signing Off with Well Coordinated Couture,

*Pleased-as-punch is a phrase my twin sister and I say all of the time to each other. Just wanted  to provide context so you didn't think I was crazy!



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