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A proven way to sculpt your body--faster

It's one thing to do a lunge and another to do a lunge with weight. As my deputy editor Janet Lee likes to say, adding weight to any move kicks your workout up a notch, making it more challenging-and getting you speedier results. In the case of the lunge (and the barbell lunge, which I'm doing at the gym in these pics), we're talking about getting sculpted legs and butt (and who doesn't want that, particularly in the summer months?). For me, the results have translated to pants that just fit better and looking less flabby from behind in a bikini.

One daily change: stop cranking out reps of the same old workout. Add more
intensity: add arm weights (or a weighted Walkvest) to your daily walk, ankle weights to your leg lifts, or barbells to your squats and lunges (start light; in many cases, the actual barbell is enough weight on its own).


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