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To push up or not to push up?


I recently went to an event celebrating the opening of fabulous lingerie shop Intimacy on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The concept is to holistically fit you for your perfect bra – no tape measure, no standardized sizing. They visually size you up, considering the normal factors (band width, cup size), as well as density and support. In essence, what your breasts really need. Skeptical as I was going into the dressing room (hey, I’m a fashion editor – how off could my bra size be?), they totally revolutionized the way I think about my bust. I am officially replacing my 34A, completely unsupportive little slips of lace, with molded cup, underwire 32Bs that do my shape justice.

But one part of this experience got me thinking. Despite my assurances that I’m content with my tiny top half, the saleswoman couldn’t resist bringing me several push-up options. She finally got me to try one on, and I’ll admit it was nice to see a little cleavage. But I just don’t think it’s for me. Somewhere in my mind the phrase “false advertising” kept flashing. But I love to wear 4-inch heels and bronzer – so why do a I draw the line at my bust line?

What’s the verdict ladies? Do you like a little extra cleavage? Or is au naturel more your style?


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