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Quest for Health

Well, it's a couple days after my family celebrated an early Thanksgiving and I actually was able to get out for a nice walk down to the Santa Cruz Wharf from my niece's house with my daughter and husband.  It was a couple days of inactivity and eating a bit too much food.  Putting it all in perspective though, it's really about fitness and changing my unhealthy habits to healthy ones and I'm on my way.  I have been invited by my sister and niece to join them in a 10K/half marathon challenge next April and I'm thinking about doing the 10K.  I can't even run a half mile let alone 6, but with 5 months to train, I think I might be able to do it.  And, what a present to myself for my 43 birthday which will be just 3 weeks later.  I've never been athletic, and would feel so powerful if I could do it.  It's serious, so I have to take a little bit longer to ensure I can make the committment. 


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