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Bike from San Francisco to L.A. in Less Than 2 Minutes!


While it took me seven straight days of biking and camping to travel from San Francisco to L.A. in early June, you get to cover the whopping 545-mile distance in one minute and 20 seconds flat!

Using a mounted GoPro camera, I snapped images from my Cannondale bike's handlebar of the fabulous 2013 AIDS/Lifecycle bike ride to help show and tell the story of my epic adventure, which I had been prepping for since mid-March (check out the “Ready, Set, Race!” blog) and dreaming about for years.

Words can't describe how grateful I am to have experienced something so special and unique, especially in one of the most loving and welcoming communities that I've ever encountered (this year's 2,203 cyclists and 552 volunteers raised $14.2 million to help end HIV/AIDS). As a freelance writer, I'll admit, I get to do some pretty cool things, but this one may just take the cake. Three weeks later, I'm still riding high on endorphins from it. What an accomplishment! 

Before you watch this cool clip, if you haven't recently been tested for HIV, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, ask your doc about it on your next visit. As I've mentioned before, 1 in 5 people are living with HIV and don't know it. Get tested and take control, starting today, National HIV Testing Day. Find a service center near you at

Registration for the annual, fully-supported 2014 AIDS/Lifecycle ride (June 1 to 7) is now open. Sign up today!


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