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Extreme Tapering: The Art of Not Training


After the Gran Fondo fiasco two weeks ago, I've hardly biked, unless you count some minor commuting, two short and easy indoor sessions on my Cycleops trainer, and two 6.1-mile laps in Central Park with visiting superstars from the pro cycling women's team Specialized-lululemon. Other than that, I've just been packing, unpacking, repacking, and sitting at my desk, trying to wrap up work so that I can leave my laptop at home (the 7-day AIDS/Lifecycle ride will also serve as my digital detox).

Naturally I'm feeling pretty guilty and nervous about not sticking to the complete 8-week training plan. What do they say about muscle memory? Hopefully mine will recall all the hard work that I put in for some of March, all of April, and part of May to carry me through all 545 miles. I guess I'll find out soon enough as the ride finally kicks off this Sunday (ack!). Good news is that I started carb-loading early (does it work that way?). I've been on a homemade pizza-making kick since last week when I picked up a Baking Steel, a heavy-duty, 15-pound recycled steel sheet that yields the most perfect crusts.

Besides being prematurely fueled to ride, I think my saving grace will be two things: 1) a great night's sleep, which I've been getting every evening for the last two weeks, and 2) a good sense of humor. I'm so excited about this ride, which was only a pipe dream for me six months ago, that I can't help but feel in a super cheery mood that it's finally here. It's happening, guys!! I feel so lucky and grateful that I'm gonna get to experience this amazing adventure—one that I'll be bragging about for the rest of my life, starting now.

Speaking of humor, while I was not training yesterday, I came across this priceless exercise video. Dang, I wish I had it months ago. Well, maybe I can still get some sessions in at the hotel in San Francisco tonight? Try it yourself and lemme know if you it you can feel your abs working (from laughing so damn hard, of course).



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