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The real Carrie Prejean

I had the pleasure of meeting with Carrie in our offices several weeks ago, just as she was being given a second chance to stay Miss California. She had just come off of being criticized for her gay marriage comments and was upset--but also empowered. She explained that women these days get vilified when they speak their mind, men not so much--which I have to agree with. Now, she's lost her crown because she supposedly didn't make required appearances. Hmmm...that's a little suspect if you ask me. When I met with her, Carrie also spoke about how she's been a Shape reader for ages and actually has been an athlete all her life--skills that helped her compete in pageants. (She loves softball and basketball, and won a basketball scholarship to college--something that's not so known.)  She works out, takes care of herself, and believes that she --and all women--should be able to speak out for what they believe. So she had breast implants. Big deal. If that makes her feel better about herself, then good for her. Find an exclusive video we did with Carrie at

One daily change: Give people the benefit of the doubt; there's more to someone than meets the eye.


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