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The real fountain of youth


Happy belated Mother’s Day! I spent Mother’s Day in the perfect way: our family did a health walk together in Central Park early in the morning. (My son ran his first Kid’s Race and is proudly displaying his ribbon in his room.) We ate lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in New York City (The Candle Café; and then home to take a blissful two-hour nap. What could be better than that!?

Mother’s Day was the inspiration behind featuring mothers and daughter who work out together ( One of the women featured, Pauline, wrote to us, saying that by featuring her and her mom, a favorite aunt overseas (who they were having trouble locating) got in touch with them. Pauline says about her aunt: “At 87 she is an inspiration herself and just makes us more sure than ever that we'll make it to the 80th celebratory marathon in Dublin!”

An inspiration she is: Her aunt writes; ““I am now getting close to my 87 Birthday and still exercise twice a week, attended a folkdance camp 3 weeks ago and dance with my friends in Westwood. I manage to take care of it all on my own. House, garden, etc etc…I can no longer run but would like to. You inspire me to try to do so by putting in a bigger effort.”

I'm continually amazed and inspired by women like this who refuse to let their age stand in the way of staying active. We’re all striving to be healthier so we can be stronger today—and live stronger (and longer) tomorrow. I believe that exercise really is the fountain of youth!





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