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the rear view

 One of my clients,Dita Von Teese,  likes to come in to my studio and focus on her buttocks.  She is a performer and she always says  "when i turn and walk off the stage and thru the curtains it's the last thing they see!"  One of her favorite exercises I will share with you.  Since we don't have the reformer we can use the wall.  Face a wall and lie down on a mat.  Put your feet(with socks of course) on the wall.  You will make a right angle where your knees bend.  From your knees to your feet you are parallel to the floor and from  the top of your thighs to you knees you are parallel to the wall.  Have a ball or a rolled up towel between your knees.  Your legs should be in alignment with your hips.  Ready?   Squeeze your buttocks together and start lifting you hips off the mat in a scooping motion.  Your powerhouse should be very engaged. Roll up until you have a straight line from the middle back to the knees.  Don't arch your back!  Roll back down making an imprint of your spine as you go.  Do this up and down slowly with control ten times.  on the last roll up stay there and do slow little pulses fifty times.  You can repeat if you would like, but if you don feel the first fifty enough try keeping your buttocks squozen the whole time.  See if that makes a difference.  Squozen is a word I use it means squeeze very hard.


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