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Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe

Whether it's because your bottom line has been slashed by the recent stock market madness, or you're just nervous because Gray's Papaya's 'Recession Special' hotdog prices actually went up, spending money feels a bit naughty right now. So here are my top five tips for looking hot while your assets are frozen:


  1. Take a few of those grandma brooches you bought two seasons ago and clip them to a simple chain. Instant statement necklace!
  2. Instead
    of running out to buy the newest narrow-pant silhouette, freshen up a
    pair you already own (and are bored with) at the tailor. If yours are
    bootcut, make them skinny and tuck into knee-high boots. If they're
    super-long, shorten them to hit at the ankle for a Parisian-chic look.
    You'll spend $15 instead of $150.
  3. If you
    bought into the fold-over boot trend last year, you can try the
    over-the-knee trend without any cash outlay. Simply unfold the top of
    your boot.
  4. Tired of your coat from last year?
    Replace the buttons. A good sewing shop will have a slew of options.
    Suddenly that bargain-basement peacoat looks like a designer score.
  5. Maximizing
    your wardrobe is about crossing boundaries. Wear daytime items at night
    and nighttime items for day. A sequin tank looks perky under a blazer
    with jeans and ballet flats. Or try a white t-shirt with rhinestone
    necklace and tuxedo pants for the perfect high-low mix.


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