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Recipe for romance

My boyfriend and I are trying to be frugal this Valentine’s Day — I’m not a big fan of the holiday as is (too many years spent without a boyfriend I think), and I don’t really like chocolate (particularly in big boxes where you have to guess what is inside each lumpy little piece). So how to celebrate? A chic little soiree for two at my apartment, catered by moi. I will get to use my adorable Anthropologie plates and Ikea stemless wineglasses that never come out because we mostly eat out of plastic takeout containers.

Beyond planning the menu, which has me scouring our archives for recipes, what do I wear? We are staying in, so I don’t want to get too dressed up. It seems the perfect time to try out spring’s boudoir-inspired pieces, so I snapped up the Urban Outfitters tap pants I have been coveting for ages. I think I’ll pair them with a cozy sweater that falls off my shoulders to show that perfect bit of skin. I can forgo shoes, and instead treat my toes to a pedicure this week, which feels absolutely decadent given it’s the dead of winter. And that my fashionable friends, is the best Valentine’s Day present of all.

What are you planning to wear for V-Day?


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