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A response about Mike & Molly

Sometimes, it seems, people like to be mean and rude and just plain horrible because they can. That is what came to mind as I read this blog post today about CBS’ Mike & Molly—and if this ever came from anyone on Shape’s staff, they would be fired immediately. Not for poor judgment, but for going against the very grain of human decency.


Sure, at Shape, we promote “DROP 10 POUNDS IN 28 DAYS” and sometimes even “THE WORKOUT THAT WILL GET YOU SLIM” because we know that obesity is a problem in America and because we know that struggling to get slim is just that: a struggle for every single person in America (myself, the editor in chief of Shape, included). And if we can offer expert tips, advice, and strategies to help you on your journey of health, then we can and will do that.


But nowhere would we ever say, promote, sign off on, whatever, ANYTHING that implies that just because you are overweight that you are essentially worthless and—in this case—unworthy of TV viewers.


Because Shape’s philosophy is that every person has value—no matter his or her size, color, shape, hairstyle, coolness factor, whatever—unlike some other magazines out there.


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