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Running with a LUNA CHIX Pro!

Last week, way before I had to be in the office, I dragged myself uptown to Central Park to run with professional triathlete, and Luna Chix Pro, Tyler Stewart. Something I never knew until now, but the Luna brand has their very own fitness program that helps women get more active, besides keeping us healthy with their yummy, nutritious bars! There are 27 local Luna Chix Teams around the country and a Luna Chix Pro Team which help the local teams prepare and train for races. The local teams are for all level athletes—from beginners to competitors and the pro-team consists of 11 of the country’s top competitors, Tyler being one of them. If there isn’t a local team in your area, you can just contact Luna ( and they’ll help you get one started—all for free! Since I have so many running buddies in the city, I’m thinking of doing this myself. (If you're a reader in NYC, let me know if you want to do this with me!)


It was awesome getting to hear triathlon tips from a professional and have someone to kick my butt during my morning 3-mile run. Like I say, I’m not fast, so I don’t run with other people. I’m intimidated that my lack of speed will frustrate my runner buddies so I just avoid any type of “running buddy” situations. But with Tyler, I had no choice to keep up with her if I wanted to get all her training tips (and not embarrass myself). She says her favorite thing about doing triathlons is that in each race there’s always going to be a new challenge to face—but the learning experience she gets from each one, keeps her doing them again and again. This is true—you can have a flawless race if everything goes right, or you can get a flat tire on mile 13 of 27 and have to push yourself to finish with a good time. Not knowing what will happen on race day (what if it rains?), always keeps things fresh and exciting. (This is what happened at my half marathon last Saturday...tell you more about that later!)


I think it was good for me to have someone to push me and take me out of my running element—I can keep up and I feel my body going past the limit I’m used to. I was so inspired to pass along Tyler’s background (this is how she got in to triathlons!). She and a friend had taken their first Spinning class together and felt the burn so bad afterwards that they got on the topic of triathlons. How do people do these races, they wondered? Her friend dared her to try and so Tyler begrudgingly said okay, before finding out that the race her friend had signed her up for was as half-ironman! That’s a 1.2 mile swim, 55 mile bike, and 13 mile run—are you serious? But Tyler trained and competed in her first race—and came in second place, with a time that qualified her for the toughest race in the world, the Kona Ironman in Hawaii!


Wow. Isn’t it crazy what you can do when you put your mind to it? (That’s why I say anyone can do a triathlon…so just do it!) Since then, Tyler was hooked and turned pro after three years into the sport. Believe it or not, she hates swimming, even though she’s so good at it! I was so inspired by Tyler to keep doing what I’m doing even though I’m slow—I may never go pro, but I can one day become a faster athlete!

If you want to know more about joining a Luna Chix Team (maybe you need someone to help push you to work out) definitely contact them! It’ll be such a rewarding and satisfying experience. Plus, once you join (or start) a group in your area, you help raise money for breast cancer every year, and you get one-on-one advice from all the Luna Chix Professionals in the program.


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