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Save the Shopping

When summer rolls around there is one fashion item all of us reach for immediately -- sunglasses. Like your coat during the wintertime, they shield you against the elements and are the one item you pair with just about everything. You use them to simultaneously express your style and hide from the world.

Which is why I take great care every season in picking a perfect new pair. This time around I can hand my credit card over guilt-free by doing a little good for our planet. Solstice boutiques have teamed up with Al Gore's The Climate Project ( and on June 21 -- the official beginning of summer in this region of the world -- Solstice will donate 10 percent of all sales from their stores to the organization. Plus, during the entire month of June, 100 percent of proceeds from their limited edition beach tote will go to TCP. Check it out:

I personally can't wait to do my part for our planet with this retro-chic little number from Balenciaga ($435; for stores).

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