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Say Yes To The Dress on TLC...and ME!!

Fortunately, I work with one of the coolest and most wonderful stylists in the city—Jacqui Stafford, our executive style director. So when something happens, like little ‘ol me getting married, Jacqui was sweet enough to offer a helping hand. She’s going to show me what dresses will look best on my body—not only does she do this for a living, but she genuinely wants to help women look their best. Of course, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to have a professional (and very well known!) stylist helping them find their wedding gown! (For days, I couldn’t stop boasting to my friends.)


I’m so excited about this and can’t wait until tomorrow morning when I hit the stores with Jacqui by my side. Luckily, Jacqui managed to get me an appointment at the world-famous, Kleinfeld—host of the TLC show, Say Yes To The Dress. And, guess who’s going to be there to help? Debbie Asprea, the show’s top consultant, will be sharing her thoughts on my dress choices too. I’ve told them I love the designer, Jim Hjelm and Lazaro (I did my research months before I got engaged, haha) and they said they’ll have my favorite styles waiting for me to try on. I can’t believe all this is happening—oh and, we’ll be filming some of this too!! So take a look on next week to check out the styles that look best for my body (maybe you can tell me which you like best too?), and Jacqui will give you some tips for when you go shopping on your big day!












But before I head into Kleinfeld tomorrow, take a look at the shopping tips the owner, Mara Urshel, sent over:

(1) Research: Start looking for gowns in magazines (like ours!..or visit and bring the photos to your appointment; it will give your consultant a better idea of the kind of dress you have in mind.

(2) Budget: This is probably the most important since weddings can get out of hand nowadays. Don't forget that besides your dress, you have to pay for alterations, a headpiece, a veil, and undergarments. These extras can up to more than your gown.

(3) Who to bring: Keep the entourage at home. Bring one or two people you can rely on to tell you the truth and help you pick the dress that you love as well. For instance, I'm going with Jacqui to narrow down my choices to what looks best on my body, then I'll head back with my mom and a bridesmaid or two. They will know that one out of five I try on for them is "the one", so I won't feel any pressure to pick something that they want and not what I have in mind.

(4) Have an open mind: Don't say no to dresses just because you don't like how it looks on a hanger. I've heard that what you have in mind, usually never looks good on your body and you fall in love with a dress you never imagined you'd wear. Let the consultant suggest gowns for you, and try them on for fun! You never know, it may be the one (they do know what they are's their job to make you look good and leave their store with a dress!). Plus, when else will you get to try on 100+ wedding dresses...

(5) What to wear: Proper undergarments (no black bra!) as you will be undressing in front of strangers!

(6) Go with your gut: As a woman, you always get that gut feeling that something is, or isn't right. Just like when you met your fiancé, you'll know it's "the one" when you put the dress on. If you can envision yourself on your big day in this gown, and it makes you smile from ear to ear (and makes your body look as good as can be!) then you've got the right dress.


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