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The Secret to a Better Morning: Day 19

My best mornings—and days—are those where I’ve had enough time to exercise, shower, and get ready to face the day without rushing. When I think back to why those days were so great, the key: waking up at least half an hour earlier than normal (this is before anyone else in my house wakes up—and allows me some uninterrupted “me” time). My worst days are when my kids wake me up, I have zero time to work out, and I rush through my morning routine. By the time I get on the train, I’m frazzled.

So as we head into the final days of this 21-day makeover, I’m going to be setting my alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier than normal, starting tomorrow. (It will take a few days for your body to adjust.) This simple switch will ensure you have the time you need in the morning to exercise, prep your breakfast and/or lunch for the day—and get your head in the game for the day.

Waking up 30 minutes earlier will help ensure success long after this 21-day makeover is finished. Good luck!

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