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The secret to lasting weight loss

I sat down to talk to one of our fabulous editorial advisors, James Hill, Ph.D
(a renowned expert in weight loss and obesity). We very quickly got to the topic
of losing weight and he said that those people who have lost weight long term
exercise at least 60 minutes a day. With those words, I started to get a little
depressed as who has time to do that every single day?! But James was quick to
point out that this doesn't mean you have to spend an hour in the gym or running
or doing whatever exercise you do for an hour each day. What this exercise Rx
does include: ANY physical activity you do...walking your dog, that quick lunch
walk you take to clear your head or even walking around the mall!

daily change:
Get moving! And start keeping track of all the activity you do;
you may be surprised at how much you're already doing.


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