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this seems to be doing it for me :D

after soo much trial and error with every diet and diet pill u can think of I have finally figured it out... you dont have to find the perfect diet food or eat tastless food to lose weight..U simply have to stretch out the time in between meals to about two hours, eat things that fill you up, if your eating empty calories your going to find it really tough to make it the two hours. as your stomach shrinks you'll find it easier to chose healthier and smaller portioned foods which will melt even more fat. and simply stop stressing so much about being smaller and just let it happen, more stress = bigger tummy. you can work out as much as you want but if you dont change the way you eat its not going to make a difference. but once u have ur energy back up and your ready to workout, throw in a walk or run every once and a while or if you really want to ramp up your weight loss three days a week will do the trick. For me, i'm finding its getting easier to eat healthy and not to think of food as much, this is a sample my meals for a day: breakfast- yogurt berries and granola snack: cherry tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach w/pepper, lunch sandwhich snack grapefruit dinner spaghetti/shephards pie...etc..desert cake and ice cream/popsicle/cookies...I love sweets so desert is my favorite part of the day..  then brush your teeth so you dont get tempted and to bed early so you dont have those extra temptations.. I promise you'll see quick results..


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