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Is This the Key to Better Orgasms?


Consider this the next time you hit the gym: Your workout is likely missing a really important set of muscles—your sex muscles. According to LELO, a Swedish company specializing in sex toys, just a few minutes per day of certain exercises can go a long way when it comes to pleasure, which is why they invented the LUNA Smart Bead, a gadget designed to help you learn how to orgasm better.

"With the busy lives women lead, often juggling a relationship, a career, and family—it can be difficult to find the time for any dedicated routine," Scott Thomson, CEO of LELO, said in an interview with The Daily Dot. "It’s a similar story with going to the gym, which is why the idea of hiring personal trainers is so appealing—they help you get the most out of exercise, in a short space of time. So what we did was take this concept, and apply it to a product that would help women train to enjoy orgasms more intensely."

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If you didn't know that you can train your orgasm muscles for a stronger finish, you're not alone. In fact, a Planned Parenthood survey found that 75 percent of women report having trouble orgasming at some point in their lives with one third of us missing out on moaning most of the time. Part of the issue is that the vast majority of woman—around 80 percent, according to The Kinsey Institute—don't climax just from vaginal sex. Enter (literally) the Smart Bead. The little silicone device goes inside your vagina and uses touch sensors and vibrations to teach you when, how often, and how much to work the muscles supporting your vagina and pelvic floor. There are five levels of progressive training routines, each lesson lasting about five minutes and increasing in difficulty to take you from blushing beginner to erotic expert in no time.

The key is Kegel exercises, the contracting of your pelvic floor muscles (think about trying to stop your pee midstream). While you don't need a gadget to teach you how to do them, many women have a hard time finding the right muscles and knowing how long and how much to work them. 

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"An orgasm is such a unique thing, influenced by so many factors—you might argue it’s closer to art than science," Thomson says, explaining that the device isn't meant to say women are "doing it wrong" but rather to help them have more satisfying sex lives. And according to the company's trials, the Smart Bead really works. "The response we received from women who followed the routine [while testing the product] was overwhelming. It shows that a focused routine that enhances your pleasure potential can really increase the chances of orgasms despite all potential distractions." That's definitely an exercise perk we would love! 


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