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The New Wave of Infidelity

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Digital infidelity sounds like sneaking off to Ello when your closest pals are still on Facebook. In reality, it's the techy term for something a lot of us are guilty of: forming emotional relationships with people via social media sites even though you've got a flesh-and-blood mate right in your bed. Yeah, girl. We know all about those "just catching up" IMs with your ex.

According to researchers from the University of Indiana, loved-up Facebook users are using the site to seek out potential Plan B partners. These "back-burners" (update your dating lexicon now) could be exes, platonic friends you outrageously flirt with, or, say, that cutie you met at the bar last week. Instead of shacking up at some access-road motel, digital infidelity is all done online. All you need is a steady wifi connection and some winking emojis, and you're good to go. Want to know more? [Read the full story on Refinery29!]


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