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Shape of Beauty Awards

It's that time at Shape that we all love: when we gather the year's newest beauty products on the market and get to try them out. We stock our shelves in the beauty department with the latest eye creams, body moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, mascaras, self-tanning lotions, etc--any product you can imagine we have right now and everyone on staff is happily testing them to see which is the best of each category.

When we sent out an email to the staff to sign up for their favorites to try (mine are: perfumes, bronzers, body washes, and facial exfoliators), some editors literally race to the wall to pencil in their picks (people are very passionate about their products!). And when we distribute the goody bags, it feels a little like Christmas to be bringing home so much new stuff for free! This is a fun project to work on, but it's also a lot of work to organize the hundreds of nominees--and the voting process online. Check out our website for Shape's list of this year's best beauty products to vote on and you'll have a chance at winning some of yours.


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