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Shape Dating 101

Throughout this past year of working at Shape, I've realized that my dating preferences, in addition to my eating and work out habits, have gradually changed. If I'm going to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating right, and not doing things to put my mind or body at risk, then I want a guy that sees things the way I do. Wouldn't it be easier to date someone that won't give me a weird look when I request the dressing on the side or to hold the potatoes and give me veggies instead when we go out to eat; and what about when I want to go mountain biking upstate on a nice summer day, while he'd rather stay in and watch Entourage re-runs instead? So my new resolution is to find someone who wouldn't mind going for runs with me on the weekends--or search the city for the healthiest restaurants to try. With spring coming and my triathlon training beginning in just a few weeks, maybe an athlete will be in the cards for me : ) 


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