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Shape is getting married!

If you haven't heard the news, we're currently working on a bridal issue! This is perfect timing considering the closing of the two wedding magazines that I mentioned last week. Although it's a lot of extra work (we're doing double duty right now, working on our monthly issue as well as this extra one), everyone is so excited to put this project together and have it ready for you by Valentine's Day. Weddings are always a good time, so imagine the scene in our office right now—the fashion department is filled with gorgeous dresses, we're choosing between the most fabulous diamond rings (for you to leave the page open for your guy to see), and meeting with tons of newlyweds and brides-to-be to hear their stories. Plus, our cover model is a personal favorite of mine (but you'll have to wait to find out who she is)!

Even though prepping for a wedding includes picking a venue, choosing a menu, sending out invitations, and of course finding the right dress, a bride-to-be needs to stay healthy and energized for the big day (and beyond!). I can't even imagine what it'll be like to prepare for a wedding on top of everything else in my everyday life—ah the stress! But with Shape's bridal issue, I love the mission we're creating; not only do we want to help readers get in shape for their big day, but we also want to help you relax and stay healthy.


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