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Shape model for a day!!

Today, I was a supermodel! Nah, just kidding…but I was in my very first photo-shoot—hair, makeup, heels, and blowing fans too! Along with some of my other brave Shape girls, I posed bikini-clad for a special story in an upcoming issue. My favorite, Jacqui Stafford our executive style director, got me into a suit that was just right for my body (and for every good one you’ll see, there was a handful of not-so-flattering ones that I had to try on). But the one you’ll see me wearing on the pages of the magazine was perfect for my body and is probably the reason I decided to do this crazy thing in the first place! Wearing the right bikini really does give you the extra boost of confidence to strut your stuff on the beach or look good lounging poolside (I can’t wait for summer now!).


I admit it though, I was a little scared to pose in front of a camera and smile and move around like you see models do—it’s actually not that easy! But when else would I ever be able to do something like this? (Well, you can apply to be on our Shape page..but since I work here that’s off limits for me!) When I’m older and have kids this fashion story will be something I can show them (“Look how cool your mom was?”—don’t you recall when your mom used to say that to you too? Ha!). I don’t have a perfect body, I’m the first to admit that: my thighs are too big, my stomach too flabby, and ankles too thick, but I do work hard to feel good…and I DID feel good!! So really, isn’t that all that matters? I’m healthy and happy—and I had so much fun being a model for the day! I can’t wait to show you but you’ll have to wait until the issue hits newsstands...and then I’ll tell you more about it!












Carly (our associate beauty editor & my bff!) getting our hair and makeup done!


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