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SHAPE Shares: American Eagle Ditches Photoshop in Latest Campaign

John Urbano

Today we bring you the latest on redefining beauty, the connection between the polar vortex and weight loss, and the Olympics. Scroll down to read up on this week's hottest headlines and then tell us: What did we miss? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine or let us know in the comments below!

1. American Eagle stops photoshopping ads. In an effort to promote more realistic body images for teen girls, American Eagle has decided to say good-bye to Photoshop in its newest campaign for Aerie, its lingerie line for young women, by leaving in models' stretch marks, beauty marks, tattoos, and more. The campaign still uses models, most of whom are still quite thin, young, and conventionally attractive, but this move may pay off with customers who are tired of seeing airbrushed alterations everywhere they turn.

2. Dove "Selfie" documentary premieres. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Real Beauty" campaign, Dove launched "Selfie," a documentary short film to illustrate how standards of beauty have evolved in the past decade. The brand also released the results of a new study called "Dove Beauty Redefined" that suggests women believe the definition of beauty is becoming more inclusive and that social media has played a large role in influencing the conversation. For more information and to continue the chat, check out the documentary (you can also see a shortened version on YouTube).

3. The Jamaican boblsed team used crowdfunding to get to Sochi. Jamaica Bobsled asked for $80,000 in donations to cover costs of traveling, equipment, and pre-Sochi training camps. The team ended up raising $120,000—in two days, no less!—enough not only to cover all Olympic-related expenses but also to continue to grow the sport on the small island nation. This will be the first time since 2002 that Jamaica will have a bobsled team at the Winter Olympics.

4. The polar vortex may help you lose weight. Sort of. Recent research from Lichtenbelt of Maastrict University Medical Center in the Netherlands suggests that varying indoor temperatures to more closely mimic what's happening outside could be beneficial for weight loss. Apparently being exposed to cold might "activate" your brown fat, which is more metabolically active than white fat (the fat that tends to accumulate around your hips and belly) and could possibly burn away up to 30 percent of your body's energy, thus helping you to lose weight faster. [Tweet this weird fact!] If you needed a push to get out for a cold-weather run, maybe this is it! Just make sure to follow these tips to stay safe and prevent injuries.

5. Norweigan curlers have awesome style. If there's one thing you must do today, it's look at this photo of the Norweigan men's curling team pants. I have so many questions when I see them together wearing these pants: Why did they choose these pants? Do they serve as a distraction to their opponents on the ice? The New York Times says that this year the team will wear two different pairs of slacks: one with a red and blue zig-zag pattern to pay tribute to Norway's flag, and another with black and pink flowers. Who comes up with these designs? So many unanswered questions.


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