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12 Reads for Shaping Your Life on 12-12-12


Seize the day! December 12, 2012 is upon us, the last alliteration date of the century. (Not to be confused with the apocalypse according to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012). Many are commemorating the magical date: Concerts (most notably, the 12-12-12 Superstorm Sandy Benefit Concert featuring a star-studded lineup with possibly over two billion viewers), weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays (a shout out to this guy turning 12 at 12:12PM, now that's impressive!) are being celebrated with fervor.

In honor of the date, we've collected our 12 favorite SHAPE reads highlighting 12 items, steps, or facts that will help you shape your life and get a jumpstart on 2013. Hey, there's no better time to start making these changes to improve your life than the day you'll only experience once in your lifetime!

1. Exercise by the Numbers: 12 Reasons to Get Moving
Sure, it's nice to look dynamite in that bikini, but here are 12 reasons why exercise really improves your general quality of life. (And find out why it might be the most important thing you can do for your health!)

2. 12 Steps to Better Sleep
Sleep is essential to optimum functioning, so it's frustrating when you feel like you just can't get shut-eye. And thinking about it while lying in bed doesn't help, we know. Here are 12 tips that will help you get more zzzs as soon as your head hits the pillow.

3. 12 Sayings to Get You Moving, Lifting, and Laughing
Sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction to get you out the door to go on that run. Or even if you're just due for a chuckle, these 12 motivational, inspiring, and funny sayings are a fun read for the athlete in you.

4. Top 12 Healthy Weight-Loss Tips from Real Women
If 2013 is the year you're planning on shedding that extra weight that you've been trying to get rid of for so long, then you need these 12 tips to get you started.

5. 12 Best Power Foods for Women
These 12 foods in particular are not only good for you, they have extra benefits specifically for women!

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6. The 12-Minute Workout
You can keep your promise to yourself that you'll never miss a workout with this do-anywhere routine. Even through the holidays, you have no excuse not to feel fantastic and look fab with this series (no gym equipment necessary!) that will help you sweat everyday.

7. 12 Homemade Alternatives to the Ice Cream Truck
Part of losing weight is mastering that art of satisfying your cravings without breaking the calorie bank. With these 12 smoothie recipes, you can keep things sweet—and healthy.

8. 12 Tips for Beautiful Hair
Stay gorgeous in 2013. These 12 simple tips will help you easily take care of your mane.

9. 12 High-Fashion Pieces to Add Style to Your Workout
It's so important to feel good in your clothes, especially when you go to the gym! (Let's face it, since when did feeling frumpy and ugly inspire you to work out?) Check out these 12 pieces that will keep you looking fab while you sweat.

10. 12 Salads Worse than a Big Mac
Sometimes extra calories sneak into our diets where we least expect it. When you're trying to be mindful, don't let hidden calories derail your progress. These seemingly healthy meals could be worse for you than the famous burger!

11. 12 Ways to Spice Up Your Squats for Better Results
Squats can be some of the most effective exercises when it comes to sculpting your body. Now you can get added benefits with these 12 simple variations.

12. 12 Healthy Midnight Snacks from Celebrity Chefs
Myth: Eating at night makes you fat. But that doesn't mean late-night snacking is a free-for-all. Be smart about your late night-snacking with these 12 suggestions from famous chefs.


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