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The 2013 Haircut of the Year: Karlie Kloss’ Chop


We’re only a month into 2013, and already the New York Times and Vogue have both declared supermodel Karlie Kloss’ choppy bob the haircut of the year.

The 20-year-old’s wavy bob-with-bangs style debuted in November, when she cut it for a Vogue photo shoot, and has since sent frenzied women everywhere to their salons requesting “The Karlie.”

“We had been wearing long hair for several years, and then we saw the graduated bob, and then the pixie cut,” says Nadwa Yono, owner of Nadwa’s Hair Spa in West Bloomfield, MI. “After not seeing this sort of soft, layered, basic, classic bob for about 15 years, Kloss helped bring it back,” she says, noting how even other celebrities, including Nicole Kidman and Jody Foster, have copied the Kloss.

If you’re considering the bob yourself, go for it! The style looks good on nearly everyone, as long as it’s customized to your face and hair texture, Yono says.

For those with long faces, Yono recommends face-framing layers beginning around the nose or higher for an “instant face lift.” Round faces should request long bangs that sweep at around the cheekbones “to help add visual interest,” she says.

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Naturally curly or wavy-haired girls can really pull this ‘do off, Yono says, because it isn’t meant to look perfect—so forget your straightening iron. Even Kloss herself told several news outlets she loves this style because it’s really wash-and-go with no blow dryer or heat styling tools needed.

And if for some reason when you visit your stylist she or he isn’t familiar yet with “The Karlie,” ask for “a classic bob that’s even in one length all the way around the neck, but with long, soft layers,” Yono says. Whether or not you want the bangs is up to you.


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