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3 New Workouts to Try This Summer


Summer is the perfect time to spice up your workout. There's more daylight, more time to try new exciting things and, during summer, you just feel like getting out of your usual routine. Am I right? I recently had the chance to attend a Jamba Juice sponsored Pop Up Fitness Blogger Expo with other media in Chicago that was loads of fun. Besides sipping on freshly squeezed juice and smoothies, I got to try a bunch of fitness classes. Here are three that caught my eye as being new and different. Whether you're in Chicago or not, these trends are worth trying in your town this summer!

1. Join the circus (or at least work out with them). Want to get out of your comfort zone? Try a circus-inspired workout! At the Jamba Juice event, I went from circus novice to "flying" (AKA, standing on my partner's thighs with one hand waving boldly in the air) within five minutes. Lead by CircEsteem in Chicago, the classes teach people of all ages to build confidence and fitness through circus arts. A total blast that doesn't feel like a calorie-burner (although it is!), it's worth checking out in your town.

2. Train like a cavewoman. If you're sick of the gym, this workout is for you. Using things like sleds, tires, sledgehammers, and heavy sandbags, caveman or primal workout classes (like the one I did at the event with Core Fitness Chicago) train you like, well, a cavewoman. Truly an intense workout, you'll get your heart rate up and work every muscle in your body in new ways. It's a sweat fest but definitely a fun break from the norm.

3. Grab a rope. I'd been wanting to try rope training for forever, and I finally got a chance with the Battle Ropes class by Hustle Fitnessย at the event. Rope training is no joke. We moved the ropes up and down, left to right, criss-cross, and everywhere in between. The ropes are heavy, but it's really fun to move them and see how high you can lift them up and then slam them down on the ground. Truly a full-body workout to try!

Have you tried any new workouts this summer that you love? Any of these that you're dying to try? Tell us about it in the comments!


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