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3 Pins We're Loving This Week


Raise your hand if you love Pinterest! We could spend hours every day looking for fitness inspiration and healthy recipes on the popular virtual pinboard (sometimes we do!).  Here are a few ideas and bits of inspiration we spotted in our Pinterest feed today (click on each photo to see the pin and save to your boards). And while you're at it, don't forget to follow us on Pinterest @shapemagazine!

1. "Always give 100 percent in everything you do. Unless you're donating blood!" The best advice ever? I think so.



2. "Know your running shoes." With illustrated tips to help you identify exactly exactly what kind of runner you are and what type of shoes you need, this pin provides advice even seasoned runners can use.


3. The How I met Your Mother workout. We're huge fans of HIMYM, but feel free to substitute cues from your favorite show and complete the same workout! You can do it in your bedroom, in your dorm room, in your tiny apartment, or wherever you happen to be. And the best part is, you don't need any equipment!




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