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3 Sites to Help Create Your Signature Beauty Look


When it comes to beauty, we fall firmly in the camp of "one size does not fit all." After all, that fire-engine red lipstick that looks dynamite on your best friend might make you look like a blushing tomato—and vice versa. That's why we're loving the recent uptick in customizable beauty products we've seen. Here are a few we're loving this summer.

Call this one the Birchbox for nails. Subscription nail service and e-commerce cosmetics giant Julep now allows customers of its Maven program to pick from more than two million different nail colors to mix and match and get the perfect products for them (previously the Seattle-based company put together customer boxes with products that were picked by employees). Because Julep owns all of its own products, customers can choose from a huge array of new products every year to customize their monthly boxes, CEO Jane Park told

Bite Lip Lab
Because every woman deserves a room and a lipstick to call entirely her own, we had to put Bite Lip Lab on the list. Based in downtown Toronto with a (now-permanent) pop-up shop in New York City, Bite Lip Lab is exactly what it sounds like: a lab that lets you blend your perfect customized lipstick. Whatever finish you like—matte, sheer, créme, créme deluxe—and whatever colors or scents you love, you'll find them at Bite Lip Lab (and you get to watch them blend it; the whole process takes less than seven minutes). It's a little on the pricy side—$48 for one lipstick—but we think that's a small price to pay for a customized color that will look good—and perfectly suits your personality—all day, every day. 

The Bathory
The people behind The Bathory want to help you take the best bath of your life, because, as they say, "baths are rather brilliant." We agree, which is why we love the U.K.-based company's idea of custom bath soaks. Need to relax? Feeling sexy? Want to detox? Pick from a menu of salts and essential oils to create the prefect bath potion for you. For $5, they'll ship worldwide. All you need to do is add hot water and enjoy.


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