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4 Secrets for Amazing Eyebrows


Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but they still need great curtains. And whether you get your brows waxed, threaded, or simply tweeze them, there are a few tricks to create perfect eyebrows. Hibba Kapil, founder and owner of Hibba Beauty Studio in New York City, shares four easy ways to beautify your brows.

Put Down the Tweezers!
“Most women tweeze every time they see a hair. Unless it’s way over from the brow, let it go. If it’s close to the shape of your brow, try not to touch it,” she says. Yes, that one hair on its own seems out of place, but by the end of a week, you’ll likely have a whole line of hairs, and it will look natural. Plus, if your threader is trying to grow out your brows because you’ve overplucked or overwaxed, she needs that line of hairs, Kapil says.

Clean Weekly
Instead of plucking every day, sit down once a week in a spot where you get good daylight and follow Kapil’s instructions:
1. Draw an outline about one or two hairs outside of your brows. Any hairs that are inside of that line, leave be. The other “do not touch” regions: the top of your brow (“It isn’t the most bothersome spot,” she says) and very beginning and ends.
2. Hold your brow by pulling back the top with one hand where you want to place the arch. (If you don’t do this, you’ll never place the arch properly, Kapil says.) Then tweeze any strays outside of your guidelines.

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Don’t Forget Makeup
You probably never think about it, but brow makeup can make a difference, Kapil says. “It’s just like using mascara—you don’t have perfect lashes, and you get used to putting mascara on them to accentuate them. A little makeup will do the same for your brows and bring out your shape.” Follow your brow’s natural tendencies. Have longer hairs? Get that length to stick down and give a hint of color by going backwards-forwards with a brow pencil, then blending that in with your hand or a brush. For someone who has bald spots, use a little bit of brow powder first to fill in those bald spots, then go over it with a pencil. Using a brush, go upwards, downwards, backwards, forwards, and then take a tissue and go over the brow to clean any mess or excess. “It comes up very subtle,” Kapil says.  As far as the color, go two shades lighter than your natural brow color because then it won’t look like you did anything.

Determine Your Shape
If you’re a DIY-er, be sure your brows compliment your face shape. Kapil recommends round eyebrows for heart-shaped faces (think Reese Witherspoon) to counterbalance your round cheeks. For square faces (a la Salma Hayek), do a far-out arch, a little ways beyond the middle of the brow. And oval faces need a good arch, plus, “it’s great if the eyebrows are not too close together at the middle so it opens up the face and doesn’t look too round, so start the brows where the inner eye is,” she says.


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