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5 Best Body Transformations on The Biggest Loser — Ever


The Biggest Loser season 12 is in full swing! While we're super excited to see how Bob Harper and new trainers Dolvett Quince and Anna Kournikova transform the new contestants' bodies over the course of this season, we thought we'd take a look back at five of the best body transformations of past seasons of The Biggest Loser!

5 Best Biggest Loser Transformations

1. Ali Vincent. The first Biggest Loser female winner, Ali Vincent lost an incredible 112 pounds, wrote a book and now runs races of all distances. Wow!
2. Bill and Jim Germanakos. The winners of season four (Bill won the whole shabang and Jim won the at-home prize), these twins both lost more than half of their body weight and put on tons of lean muscle while on The Biggest Loser.
3. Shay Sorrells. Shay may have begun season eight as the heaviest contestant in The Biggest Loser history, but she ended the season with jaw-dropping results. On the show, she lost 172 pounds and has continued to be a role model of health.
4. Danny Cahill. This Southern boy barely looks like he did when he first appeared on The Biggest Loser. By the finale, Danny lost 239 pounds or almost 56 percent of his body weight, making him the biggest loser of any contestant in the show's history.
5. Michelle Aguilar. This Texas native kicked her sweet tooth and dropped an incredible 162 pounds. Talk about a show-stopper!


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