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5 Foods You Can Eat on the DASH Diet


The DASH Diet's officially the most popular diet today! Originally developed to help those with hypertension, the DASH Diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, and whole-grains, and is low on sodium and saturated fat. Best of all, it's a long-term, sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. If you're curious about the DASH Diet or looking to get started on it, here are five foods you can eat while on it. 

1. Vegetables and fruits. Since the DASH Diet focuses on whole foods, rather than processed ones, you're encouraged to eat any kind of fruits and vegetables. 

2. Meat, poultry and fish. Meats, poultry and fish can be good sources of protein and magnesium. For those following the DASH Diet, it's recommended that they eat about 1.5 to 2 servings of meat, poultry, or fish per week. 

3. Nuts, legumes, dry beans and seeds. The DASH Diet doesn't focus on calories, since the aim is to lower blood pressure, but depending on your caloric intake, it's recommended that you eat anywhere from three to six servings of nuts, legumes and seeds per week (if your caloric intake is in between 1,600-3,100 calories), or four servings per week, if you consume less than 2,000 calories on a daily basis. 

4. Low-fat or non-fat dairy options. The official DASH Diet website recommends non-fat fruit yogurt as a snack or breakfast option, and using non-fat or skim milk to coffee, lattes, etc. 

5. Healthy oils and fats. The DASH Diet allows healthy oils and fats similar to those found in the Mediterranean Diet, such as olive oil, to be a regular part of your eating habits. 



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