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5 Reasons to Vote for SHAPE in the Webby Awards


Last week we received the exciting news that has been nominated for a Webby! In addition to being considered for the award of best lifestyle site, we’re also eligible for the People’s Voice Award, an honor that’s decided by YOU (and the thousands of other fans who vote). While we hope we can count on all our loyal fans to log on to the Webby site and vote for SHAPE, the competition is stiff (at the moment we’re in second place to Epicurious), so we thought we’d provide you with the top five reasons you should support

In case you don’t need any more convincing, we’ll provide you the link to the ballot box right here. Head over and vote!

1. We’re the only women’s fitness brand nominated. Yep, that’s right. Out of all the fabulous women’s health and fitness sites out there, is the only one up for an award. We always try to make an effort to create content that’s positive and inspiring for women, whether it takes the form of a story challenging you to lift heavier weights or a slideshow of the best confidence-boosting tips for women of all ages, so we’re honored to be singled out in this way. Now we want to rally all the healthy ladies across the U.S. to show the Webby committee just how passionate you are about our cause. Fit ladies unite—head over and vote!

2. We give you access to top experts. We place a premium on the quality of information we provide you, and that’s why we work with some of the nation’s top experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and health. is where noted nutritionists like Cynthia Sass, R.D., and Mike Roussell, Ph.D., sound off on the latest nutrition news and research and where top trainers like Joe Dowdell, CSCS, CPT, and Jay Cardiello, NSCA-CPT, speak candidly about about which training strategies work and how you can get the most out of every workout. We also give you exclusive chances to ask them questions on Facebook and Twitter.

3. We feature real women on our pages. We have featured real women’s success stories in the magazine for years in the “You in Shape” section, and we highlight these amazing and inspiring women on our website as well. It’s one of the things our fans love most about the SHAPE site. For example, when asked how SHAPE has inspired her over the years, Facebook fan Jenifer Churchill said, “Seeing all of the ‘everyday’ woman who were able to lose weight. The women who are moms, who work full time, who can't afford trainers and nutritionists. Women who are like me. They gave me the strength to try and succeed.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

4. We give you advice no one else will tell you. Millions of women trust SHAPE to provide useful and accurate information about healthy living. Sometimes that means going against conventional wisdom and popular opinion to give you the real deal about quick weight-loss strategies, surprising reasons you should sometimes ignore your doctor’s advice, and health checks that could save your life.

5. Our community is awesome. We’re happy to report that we recently surpassed 100,000 followers on Twitter and we’re on the brink of reaching double that on Facebook. While the numbers are great, what we’re most proud of is the level of engagement we have with our fans on a daily basis. We love applauding your workout results every #success Monday on Twitter, and your level of participation on Facebook never ceases to amaze us. What’s even more incredible is that even though our Pinterest following comprises a fraction of our SHAPE community, you’ve pinned so much SHAPE content that Pinterest now drives more traffic on than any other social media site. Here’s to all your endless support!


Now, show us how much you love SHAPE and head to the ballot box to vote!


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