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5 Things That May Have BPA in Them


With the new report out that BPA is in common canned foods, BPA contamination is on the minds of many. Just how much is safe? How much is lurking in our environment? And what can we do about it? Here's a list of five places that BPA just might be hanging out in your home.

5 Items That May Contain BPA

1. Food containers. Certain plastic food containers can leach BPA into foods, especially when they're heated, washed with harsh detergents, or are scratched or damaged. Thankfully, many retailers are making BPA-free plastic food containers so, when you can, buy those or opt for reusable glass food containers. 

2. Baby products. Much of the BPA controversy has surrounded around children's exposure to BPA, as it may affect proper development. Various polycarbonate baby bottles, toys and sippy cups have particularly come under fire for having BPA. 

3. Water bottles. BPA has been found in certain water bottles, both reusable and one-time use bottles. When shopping for your next water bottle, if it's a one-time use, recycle it immediately after using (don't drink from it more than once). If it's a reusable bottle, be sure to buy one that clearly states that it's BPA-free.

4. Canned foods. BPA has been found in the resin lining of some canned foods. Protect yourself by buying foods from glass jars or only eat fresh fruits and veggies!

5. Receipts. About a year ago, researchers found that BPA coats many receipts. While not a huge issue for consumers, for those working a cash register, it's important to try to reduce exposure and wash your hands often.


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